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This Club is aimed mainly at the Chinese-speaking community.



We heard about this unique 4WD Club from Sam Liu at Aussie RV Shop and Tactical Campers in Melbourne. Although open to anyone the Club specialises in outings and 4WD advice for those whose first language is Chinese.

oh yeah 4wd clubDuring the New Year holidays, The OH Yeah club went to Beachport in South Australia for its first club trip. 

A Chinese TV channel in Australia sent a film team to travel with the convoy that numbered a whopping 40 vehicles.

The 160+ member Club was formed mainly for, but is not limited to, Chinese migrants who speak limited English.

oh yeah 4wd clubIt appeals to people who have little off-road experience and who are eager to explore this great country.

The Club's mission is to promote 4WD travel to the Chinese community, with technical and knowledge training during small trips throughout the year.

 Interested parties should talk to Sam Liu - Aussie RV shop.



Oh Yeah - 4WD Club Tag-along 

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