Hella’s latest worklamp combines efficient lighting with rugged construction.

Hella’s latest worklamp combines efficient LED lighting with rugged construction. The AS 50000 LED worklamp is designed specifically for mounting on mining and plant machinery and is available in either 110-240V AC or 9-33V DC models. DC models operate at reduced power when supply battery voltage drops below 10.2V.

Hella AS5000LED Work lampOutput is a claimed 5000 lumens at a colour temperature of 5700 Kelvin, mimicking daylight, with only 60W maximum consumption. There are narrow-beam and wide-beam versions; both of which illuminate 20 metres either side of the lamp, but the narrow beam extends to 120+ metres distance, where the wide-beam extends to around 90+ metres, but with much greater width and intensity in the 0-60-metre range.

An inbuilt dimming feature cuts light output by around 50 percent and can be triggered in different ways.

The lamp housing is die-cast and coated with a non-stick material that is guaranteed not to peel or flake off. Lens material is UV stable and chemical resistant. The mounting bracket is 316 stainless and clamps through the lamp’s centre of gravity, regardless of mounting angle. Hella claims the new worklamp can be high-pressure cleaned without risk of damage. Safe operating temperature range is -40C to +50C, Hella says.


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