HELLA'S WORK LAMP RANGE - Updated September 2015
The 2015 Hella work lamp lineup is special.

Hella has expanded its range of portable lamps and we've been testing them for the past year. All are LED - naturally - and targetted at specific tasks.

hella inspection lamp


Hella's Nova range now a three-model series, in which two units are 240V plug-in types and one is a rechargeable 11.1V unit.

All are tough, shockproof and waterproof - to IP67 water-proofing standard - work lamps for wide-area illumination.The curved housings are die-cast aluminium, with rubber protective edge strips.

The most powerful model is the Nova 50 that has a high-output 50-watt COB (chips on a board) LED.The Nova 30 looks identical, but has a 30-watt LED.

Both lights have finned heat sinks that became only warm during our tests, compared with incandescent work lights that became too hot to touch.

hella 2015 work lightsOur favourite in the Nova range is the new 20C+R. It shares the same housing as the other two, but has a 4400mAh lithium-ion rechargeable battery pack. Its 20-watt LED can operate from the battery pack, or when plugged into 240V supply.

We now have a Nova 30 plugged into workshop power, for use at home and the 20C+R goes with us camping. It recharges via our inverter as we drive along.

hella inspection lampAll the Nova lamps have wide-spread beams, with no irregularities: just even, white-light beams. The Nova units have adjustable stands and can be suspended or set up on the ground.

The 50 and 30 come with heavy-duty rubber-covered power cords that measure five metres in length and stow easily around  the handles that double as cleats.

The Nova 20 also has a five-metre cable and a connector that screws into the battery housing. 


Uniform Gen II


hella 2015 work lightsUniform is a powerful, rechargeable COB LED inspection light with a belt clip, hella inspection lampmagnetic-base charging unit and a magnetic, pivotting, U-shaped leg. it also has a top mounted swivel hook. 

Sitting in its base, Uniform Gen II can be charged from 12V or 240V power. 

Output is selectably 100 or 200 lumens. 

The previous model had a charging jack socket, but Gen II has external metal contacts and no hole, so there's no risk of contamination or the charging port becoming blocked.

A battery indicator on the front shows the charge level. 

Uniform has a protective moulded ring around its edges. We chucked it around and couldn't bust it.


Mini Form Gen II

hella 2015 work lightsThis new light is pocket sized version of Uniform Gen II, with a pocket or belt clip. It has a magnetic base and pivotting U-shaped leg. Output is either 55 or 110 lumens.

The Mini Form Gen II charges from a 240V socket or 12V, via a USB cable.





Mag Pen

hella inspection lamphella inspection lampMag Pen is a rechargeable, pencil design LED work light.

We checked it out against a Narva equivalent and both units performed very well, giving surprising illumination for such small units. 

Both lights have torch beams, 240V chargers and pocket clips with magnetic buttons.



hella 2015 work lightsUniPen is a fat pen-sized light with an 80-lumen COB strip light on its face and a 50-lumen torch beam at the top. It has a U-shaped, magnetic leg. Uni Pen charges from 240V or 12v via a USB cable.






hella 2015 work lightsThis is a head torch with a difference. It's powered by a 2W COB LED and has a much wider spread beam that most head torches. Ouput is 80 or 160 lumens, doing away with the need for additional lighting for most campsite tasks.hella 2015 work lights

I-View has touchless on-off switching and has its Li-ion battery integrated in the head unit, so there's no separate battery pack or cable. I-View charges from 240V or 12V, via a USB cable.


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