Hella introduces car headlight optics to the work light field.

Designed originally as a driving light for haul trucks and other large mining equipment, Hella’s new RokLume ZeroGlare work light combines the illuminating power of up to 5000-degree-Kelvin LEDs with optics developed for luxury car headlights.

hella zeroglareThe result is ZeroGlare; an LED work light with a sharp beam cut-off similar to that of a modern car headlight.

The mounting bracket has laser-etched graduations that allow the light to be set up so that it illuminates an area, without excessive ‘scatter’ blinding workers, or drivers of vehicles.

Most LED work light makers lack the car-headlight optics need to produce a sharp beam cut-off and that has resulted in many equipment users staying away from bright LED lighting.

Hella claims its ZeroGlare technology provides the best of both worlds: LED brightness and anti-dazzle optics.

RokLume lights come in two models: the 5000K 380 model and the 280, 1800K version that has less back-scatter in foggy conditions.


Both RokLume work lights have stainless steel brackets and fasteners, polycarbonate lenses set in aluminium housings that are coated with a NanoSafe, non-stick surface.

Each light is waterproof and dustproof to IP6K9K and IP6K8 standards, and comes with a double-insulated silicone power supply cable, with DT male and female connectors.

Radio interference emissions have ECE-R10 and RCM compliance.

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