Heavy duty inverter for permanent installations.

Projecta’s most powerful 12V pure sine wave inverter, the IP2000, has the features of the Intelli-Wave range with the added benefit of a sophisticated AC transfer switch.

projecta 2000w inverterThis 2000-Watt pure sine wave inverter includes a built in automatic AC transfer switch allowing 240V appliances to be powered from either mains power or through the inverter's battery power. This AC transfer feature makes the IP2000 most suitable for permanent installation in work vehicles, allowing minimal disruption when switching between mains and battery power.

The IP2000 is designed around the high start-up loads from fridges, air compressors and other motor-driven appliances, delivering 140 percent of rating for three minutes and up to 200 percent (4000W) for three seconds. It indicates an overload when this occurs but remains operating, allowing time to turn off appliances rather than have the inverter tripping out.

 A remote LCD control panel that displays battery voltage, power usage and load capacity allows the inverter to be mounted out of sight.

 A built in 'eco' mode automatically sends the inverter to ‘sleep’ when no appliances are detected and 'wake up' can be automatic or manual.

The IP2000 can be hardwired to power outlets, eliminating the need for separate mains and inverter power points and the need to switch plugs or dials between  power sources.

Engineered and designed in Australia to AS/NZ Standard AS4763 compliance, the inverter is equipped with 240V sockets and comes with battery cable and lugs.

The Projecta IP2000 carries a two-year warranty and is available from leading automotive, 4WD and caravan outlets, with a RRP of $1399.



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