The Narva work lamp choices keep expanding.

Narva has released a powerful new compact LED flood beam work lamp, and also introduced a new variant of its popular Senator II LED lamp, building on its range of emergency lighting and work lamps.

narva flood beamThe new LED flood beam work lamp is equipped with four 1W LEDs that deliver a powerful, white light output of 600 lumens.  Its slim and compact dimensions of just 70mm² allow easy fitment to a wide range of vehicles and machinery where close range illumination is required and space is at a premium.

For greater longevity across recreational or demanding commercial applications, the new flood beam features a tough, die-cast powder-coated aluminium housing (IP66 rated) and a virtually unbreakable polycarbonate lens. This is complemented by high quality, stainless steel mounting hardware.

The LED flood beam work lamp is pre-wired and available in 9-33V multi-voltage.

The lamp also provides low current draw of 0.4A at 12V and 0.19A at 24V, and is covered by Narva’s five-year LED warranty.



Senator II with inbuilt Deutsch connector

One of Narva’s most successful work lamps, the versatile Senator II flood beam LED, is now available with an inbuilt two-pin Deutsch connector, opening up specialist applications.
narva senator 2
With its sealed connector, no switch and polycarbonate lens, this variant of the Senator II complies with the requirements of dangerous goods laws. The inbuilt connector has been designed and integrated at a convenient location at the rear of the lamp, allowing easy access when mounted on a vehicle.

As with the existing variants in the Senator II range, the latest addition is available in 9-33V multi-voltage and features modern LED technology; with seven 3 W high-powered LEDs that deliver 2000 lumen of output, while still providing a low current draw of 1.5A at 12 V and 0.75A at 24V.

Equipped with an integrated ergonomic handle and swivel bracket for manoeuvring the light on site, the Senator II delivers versatile and convenient lighting in utility, council, construction, emergency services and mining applications.

As with the new flood beam, the Senator II is fully sealed (IP66 rated) and is covered by Narva’s five-year LED warranty.

Both work lamps can be purchased from leading transport, automotive and four wheel drive outlets throughout Australia.

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