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NetComm Wireless Limited has expanded its wireless M2M / Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) portfolio with the launch of the 4G LTE Cat 6 Industrial IoT Router with Dual Band WiFi (NTC-400) and cloud based Remote Device Manager (RDM) platform, for applications that require high speed connectivity in real time. 

RDM enables the secure upgrade of firmware and applications to individual, groups or large-scale fleets of devices to facilitate extensive management, service provisioning, monitoring and data collection.

The NTC-400 series is engineered to connect and manage bandwidth intensive industrial and in-vehicle IIoT applications, such as large-scale fleet tracking, surveillance and 4K/UHD digital displays.

The NTC-400 series has a robust metal case and wide temperature and input voltage tolerance.

It supports in-vehicle and tracking applications with integrated GPS that is compatible with all global systems.

I/O ports allow users to read sensors or remotely control equipment such as lights, meters and pumps.

The NTC-400 series combines high speed 4G LTE data communications (300 Mbps) and a dual band WiFi access point with carrier-grade remote management and support for multiple LTE bands including band 28 (700 MHz).

The device seamlessly integrates into existing remote management platforms, and includes Gigabit Ethernet ports, a serial port, and a USB port for network flexibility. “Industrial applications are often mission critical, so failure is not an option,” said Timo Brouwer, Chief Operating Officer, NetComm Wireless.

“Pre-Internet industrial and commercial equipment that once used our dial-up modems to access small amounts of data can now stream the highest resolution video in real time, anywhere in the world.

“And our cloud based remote device management platform adds another level of efficiency, with live visibility and smart network management at scale,” he said.


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