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Well made large-diameter lights with good distance and spread


This range of LED lights is German-engineered and Taiwan-made, combining LED globes with optical lens materials, for improved light output from 80W globes.

There’s no doubt that the Livid Lighting Hyperdrive is a well designed and very well made light. Construction is cast aluminium, with a stainless steel 5mm-thick U-bracket, for a weight of 3.8kg each.

Adjustment is done by twin caps crews on each side, making a rigid assembly that didn’t vibrate on rough roads.

Claimed waterproofing is to IP69 standard and the connector is a Deutsch type.

Each housing’s LEDs are eight 10W Cree XM-L2s, with 6000K colour temperature and claimed 7395 effective lumens.

These are large, 230mm diameter lights, so make sure they’ll fit to your bar. We noted that the U-bracket wasn’t reversible and therefore they wouldn’t fit on our LandCruiser bar, without fouling the top tube, so we tested them on the OTA Team HiLux, sitting in front of the upper hoop (not desirable, from a legal standpoint).

There are spot and spread beam models available, but our test pair were both spreads.

Light output was very bright and spread was acceptable, but we didn’t find them equivalent to HID lights beyond the 750-metre mark. The maker claims one lux at 1000m for the spot beam model, but, as with all LED lights we’ve tested to date, if you want bright light beyond 750m you’re better off with HIDs. The Hyperdrives picked up reflectors at around one-kilometre range.

Pricing for the Livid Lighting Hyperdrive Mk2s is around $595 per light, which we reckon is pretty good value for money.


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