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Ruggedly made, powerful spread beam lights.

Narva's Extreme range is said to be designed and made with competition and hard-core off-roading in mind. These HID lights mount inside a chrome-moly tube frame that bolts securely to a bar and allows ample adjustment. 

The price of HID lights has come down significantly, making them the best buy if you're seeking brilliance for your buck. Narva's Extreme range has a distinctive chrome-moly tube mounting frame and the reinforced nylon-plastic light housings are suspended inside this ring.

narva extremeWhen trying to fit the lights to our Project 75 ute I found that the ring circumference was too large to fit between the upper and lower 'roo bar tubes, but I discovered that the ring frame could be mounted around the 'wrong' way and the light assemblies still fitted perfectly. The mounting bracket had a thick backing plate and came with three attachement bolts and nylok nuts.

The Extermes are sealed, have Goretex breathers and are rated to IP67 water resistance specifications. The wiring provided included waterproof connectors.

Beam direction adjustment proved easy, by way of slotted brackets on the sides and top, with friction from two side capscrews and an upper knurled knob.

The test pair was intended for medium distance, but maximum spread and that's exactly how the lights behaved. The spread beam was wide enough to highlight danger on both sides of the road and distance penetration was around 600 metres. That suits our bush driving style, where we drop speed at night and need wide road-shoulder illumination rather than absoloute distance. For rally work or off road competition a pair of pencil beams is claimed to penetrate around one kilometre ahead, but with reduced spread.

Pricing at the time of testing was less than $700 for a spread-beam pair.

Check out our video test:

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Banner – EFS4X4