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A range of 240V chargers for all battery types.

Redarc has teamed up with Norwegian innovator Defa to release a co-branded, 240V battery charger range called SmartCharge. 

SmartChargers by Defa are AC to DC battery chargersdesigned to automatically charge and maintain most 12V automotive starter and auxiliary batteries, including Lithium (LiFeP04).

SmartCharge 8A and 10A are designed to charge the batteries used in caravans, campers, 4WDs and RVs.

chargers recognise the type of battery and adjust the charging process to suit ambient temperature conditions and thebattery’s charge status and size. A clear display shows the rate of charge and battery charge level.

Award-winning for design and user friendliness, SmartChargers are rated to IP65, meaning they can be used in damp conditions and outdoors.

The SmartCharge range is shockproof, spark-proof and protected against reverse polarity.

meaning that nothing can go wrong. The range also has a practical integrated cable storage solution which allows the user to fasten the clamps to the unit when they are not in use meaning you no longer have to store your cables in a pile.

Redarc’s managing director, Anthony Kittel, said: “The addition of the SmartCharge range is a natural and logical fit to our existing power management product offerings.

“Redarc teamed up with Defat, as we share similar values between our organisations, including a focus on continuous improvement, perpetual innovation and most importantly a drive to deliver great products of the highest quality,” he added.

The SmartCharge range is covered by a five-year warranty. To learn more visit


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Banner – EFS4X4