Aussie-made springs and a choice of two damper types.

The Opposite Lock Group has a range of premium quality suspension kits, with a warranty period of three years or 60,000 kilometers.

ol suspensions 2015The Opposite Lock range of purpose-built, quality suspension components has been designed to suit most popular 4WDs. OL suspensions have standard and raised ride height components, including coil springs, leaf springs and torsion bars with increased load carrying capacity.

OL coil springs are Australian-made by BHP in Melbourne, to ISO9001 and ISO 14001 International Standards and Australian/New Zealand Standard AS/NZ 4801. The coils are hot-formed and then shot-peened to relieve stress and ensure reliability. Notably, there is no batch-testing: every individual spring is scragged (deliberate, laboratory-controlled overload) and then load-tested, before being powder-coated.

Every leaf spring is manufactured from high-grade spring steel and has a revised spring rate in comparison with the OEM spring. Some leaf packs have a two-stage design, to provide a comfortable ride when unladen, but minimising height loss when loaded. All leaf spring packs have friction pads fitted between successive leaves.

As with the coil-spring testing, each leaf spring assembly is individually scragged and load tested, to ensure it meets specifications.

Most of the OL torsion bars have a larger diameter and higher spring rate than original bars, providing  improved load capacity. They are made from high-quality alloy steel for consistent quality and uniform spring rate. The torsion bars are heat-treated for durability and hardness.

OL nitrogen-gas-pressurised shock absorbers have a 35mm bore and a piston surface area of 962mm². They feature a bearing slip ring that is said to eliminate oil bypass between the shaft and the pilot bearing. There is also an anti-bleed-back upper seal, to maintain the correct level of oil in the pressure tube at all times. The piston is sintered iron, with a durable, one-piece Teflon band, to reduce friction and decrease the possibility of oil blow-by.

ol suspensions 2015The OL foam-cell shock absorbers have a large, 40mm bore and a  piston surface area of 1257mm². A larger surface area on the sintered-iron piston allows for more efficient valving and, hence, better control. The foam-cell damper is full of oil, with no free-air space at all. The foam membrane compresses on the downward stroke of the piston, allowing for the oil volume increase caused by displacement as the shaft enters the tube.

The OL foam-cell shock absorber has a bushed pilot bearing that allows the shock absorber to sustain greater side loadings without damaging the top seal. There is also a pilot bearing slip ring that restricts oil bypass between the shaft and the pilot bearing.

Every OL shock absorber has a hydraulic ‘top-out’ buffer that prevents metal-to-metal contact if the shock absorber is over-extended.

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