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Why change my 4WD's wheels and tyres?

The tyres 4WD makers fit to their new vehicles are compromise types that suit the bulk of perceived buyers. For serious load-carrying bush work you need something better than bargain-basement rubber and light-truck-rated tyres are much  stronger and more puncture resistant than standard tyres. We've covered this topic in detail in out 4WD Mods section and here are some specific questions we've answered:.

Q: Does anyone know anything about fitting bigger wheels to the Sprinter 4WD 519 van? Thanks - Kim N, Wollongong, NSW.

A: We steered him to our contacts at Oberaigner in Europe who build the Sprinter 4x4s for 'Benz.


Q: Totally agree with your article on run-flat or space-saver spares. We have a Tiguan and live down about four kilometres of graded gravel road. We put a stone through the tread and thankfully were at home. So I changed to the space saver - but, no towing and limited to 80kmh! So I had to drive down to Nowra at 80km/h in a 100km/h zone, with the trucks wondering what the hell I was doing. Should be a Design Rule in Australia! Good article - well done! - Ralph R, NSW.

Q: Morning Allan, I'd like to take advantage, if I may, of your long-accrued wisdom/experience et al. My Rangie has Continental 4x4 SportContact tyres, but I will be replacing them before venturing up the Oodnadatta Track - Ralph J, Vic.

A: We recommended Kumho KL61 replacements, after our long term test results.


Q: I have enjoyed looking through your site and am looking at the LSM Tyre pressure monitoring system. Any comments /experience with their Ride On tyre sealant? - Ken H.

A: Yep, we've tested both extensively and recommend both.


Q: Hi, I am reading your link: I recently purchased a 4X4 with tyres 30mm-diameter undersize. I have been told this is a defect and should have an engineer's certificate - Keith E.

A: We suggested he fit standard-size rubber.


Q: Hello there, I was reading your information on the VSB14 in regards to tyres and tyre changes, and I'm a little confused whether I can make a change that I would like to. I reside in South Australia, and drive a 2008 120 GXL series Toyota Prado currently running 265x65x17 tyres, and would like to fit 265x70x17 tyres . This therefore increases the overall diameter by 26mm. Is this legal with the new laws? - Chris P, SA.

A: This was a legal swap, because the vehicle wasn't fitted with ESC.


Q: I have a Prado 2011 VX with 18-inch wheels. I have been warned off taking these with MT STZ tyres on the CSR and advised to move back to 17-inch wheels. What would you advise? - Jonathon B.

A: Good idea, because there's much wider LT tyre choice.


Q :We have had steel spoked wheels recently fail. Is there a way of identifying good from bad rims? I just read your article about wheel rims failing - Malcolm McS.

A: Stick with ROH Mine-Rated wheels and you should be fine.


Q: I came across your site and saw that you have a few articles on the legalities in modifications of 4WD's. Wondering if you can help me clear up some questions I have re: the legalities of increasing tyre size and installing a suspension lift for my 2000 VX Prado petrol? - Jason A.

A: We gave Jason the good oil on legal changes.


Q: G'day Allan! Have you had any issues with BFG KO2 in the wet on tar? It has been alleged that they can unexpectedly let go. I am thinking of buying a set of 265/75x16 - Neil B.

A: We had no such issues with our test tyres.



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