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Should I buy a ute?

Utes have their advantages and disadvantages, and we've covered most of the pros and cons in our Buyers Guide section, Reviews and Tests section.

Q: The GVM on the LandCruiser is a joke! My tray-back with full fuel tanks, steel tray, winch and driver weighed in at 2700kg and the GVM is 3200kg, this leaves only 500kg of legal payload - Marcello A.

A: This is a common problem and we urge all ute and wagon buyers to be careful.

Q: Hello Allan. I enjoyed your ute comparison article, especially as it relates to axle and nett carrying capacity. Keep up the good work and all the best to you, family and crew - Brian S.


Q: I have a 2011 Toyota LandCruiser V8 ute and would like the rear wheels to track the same as the front - Albert H.

A: We steered him to two product stories on the site.

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