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Can I fit diff locks to a 4WD that has traction control?

Our testing of different ESC and TC equipped vehicles shows that the electronic systems work well with diff locks, because the electronic aids don’t have to intervene as much. Hill descent control also works well with a locked rear diff.

All 4WD makers’ factory-fitted diff locks are restricted to low range operation, because of the adverse handling effects of operating a diff locked axle at high speed. It’s obviously a safety issue. However, if you know what you’re doing, using an after-market diff lock in high range at low to moderate speeds is not dangerous - such as on beach sand.

In fact you’re better off in high range first than low range fifth, because fifth in most 4WD gearboxes is a tiny gear that’s easily damaged.

Warranty can be compromised only if the diff lock use can be shown to have caused a driveline problem. If you use the lock correctly – only when needed and not on high-friction surfaces - you shouldn’t have any problems.


Q: I am considering putting a rear Harrop E-Locker in my new Prado GXL diesel: do you think warranty will be compromised? Handbook says to lock the diff on the Kakadu only when the central diff is locked and in low range. Your article describes using twin diff locks in very attractive terms when the rear is locked and the TRC and stability are still on, even in high range. Your thoughts would be valued - Leo W, Taringa, Qld.

A: We assured him that if care is taken and speed is low, there are no issues.


Q: I would like your guidance re the merits of either a NoSpin locker or a Truetrac LSD. I have not driven a truck with a Detroit locker and have heard many conflicting stories about handling issues concerning cornering. My question is, can you really feel the unlocking action in a corner? - Jill S.

A: We assured her that there is some locking and unlocking action, but the SoftLocker is far less intrusive than its predecessor.


Q: G'day, I'm looking into lockers, ARB Air or Harrop ELocker - David W.

A: We recommended the ELocker because a wire is easier to fix in the bush than an air line.


Q: Hi! I wish to by ELockers for my LandCruiser 80, and I was wondering if you could get me a total amount for a front and rear ELockers and shipping cost to Norway? - Torgeir B, Norway.

A: We did and Harrop sent them over.



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