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How do I improve perfomance?


More power and torque needn’t be a problem with engine reliability, unless you drive with a heavy foot all the time or tow a heavy trailer at high speed. 

We’ve also tested a few vehicles with chips installed and the performance improvements are dramatic. Of course, powertrain warranty is void once you fit a chip, so you need to consider that factor.

Check out modification details in our 4WD Mods section.


Q: G'day. I am about to purchase a July 2003 Landcruiser 4.7 V8 Petrol with only 69,000km on the odometer. Currently I have an 80 series 4.5L dual fuel which was on LPG when I bought it with 130,000km on the odometer. It now done 347,000km, which means it has done in excess of 300,000km on LPG without any issues. The 80 series compression is still even and very good for its years and kilometres. So, my question is: do I convert the 100 Series V8 to LPG? - Mike F.

A: We suggested not converting it, because Toyota expressly forbids the conversion - it's a totally different engine from the old six.

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