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What suspension changes should i make?

Most 4WDs leave the factory with compromise suspension, to suit the majority of buyers' needs. However, tailoring your vehicle's suspension to suit your specific needs can improve ride, handling and load-carrying ability. Here are some questions we've received:


Q: Hello, I own a VW Amarok Highline and I had a look at your review. I would like to add some new suspension and shocks, but not sure what kind though. Are Old Man Emu any good? - Dimi A, Melbourne, Vic

A: We said 'yes', but suggested he go for a premium brand - Koni or Bilstein.


Q: Hi there. I read with interest your article on fitting Bilsteins to your D3, particularly the re-valving. I have a D3 TDV6 equipped pretty similarly to yours and which is now approaching the 100K mark on the original shocks. Although it's not equipped w a winch bar, it's running 265x65x18 BFG ATs, which are quite a bit heavier than the standard rubber and we tow an AOR Quantum Supercamper (off road a lot). I'm looking at replacing the standard shocks with something better and was wondering how I could get a set of Bilsteins valved up like yours? Any idea of the cost? Also, did you look at, or know anything about the Koni FSDs made for the Disco and whether they're any good for Australian conditions? - Martin K.

A: We told him that Bilstein finally gave up on trying to fix the D3 front suspension.


Q: I have read a review of the Series 70 Toyota Land Cruiser Troop Carrier. Do you have suggestions about remedying the body roll problem due to soft suspension on the rear of this vehicle, because you say an after-market suspension is essential - Mike G, Adelaide, SA.

A:We recommended a combination axle track and suspension change.


Q: G'day Allan. I'm seriously considering buying a 76 GXL wagon, but I have a few concerns. I test drove a Troopy because they didn't have any wagons in stock. I test drove the car on road and the things I noticed were the ride was very bumpy, the tires were narrow and the gears were stiff. Is there a difference between the 76 and the Troopy? I had a 1984 Range Rover and it drove better than the Troopy. Do I need to modify the car? - Symon T.

A: Yes, the 76 rides better than the Troopy, but both are agricultural when compared with a Range Rover. The upside is strength and reliability. Suspension mods will help.


Q: Allan, from your experience are Bilstein shocks a good choice on an 80 Series used for towing and touring. Not keen to lift, back to standard preferred. I have no experience to rely on so must trust advice and that varies. Heading down Hay River then left to Birdsville - Phil Y, Tas.

A: We've been using Bilsteins for many years on different vehicles and we don’t get paid to do so.


Q: Hi. Just about to order a 200 series GXL with KDSS. I will be upgrading the suspension. I see you commented if you’re going to upgrade suspension for bush work don't get KDSS. Will this vehicle be worse off-road if I combine the two? Your thoughts would be appreciated - Steve H.

A: No need to pay for KDSS if you're upgrading the suspension.



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