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Campervan, motorhome, slide-on, camper trailer or cross-over?

The choice isn't always easy to make and we've done our best to explain the advantages and disadvantages of these options in our Camping section. Here are some specifics we've been asked:

Q: We have a BT-50 extra cab and cannot decide between a tray-back camper and a camper trailer. Is it better to have a single heavy vehicle or a lighter vehicle and camper trailer? Your advice will be really appreciated - Karen T, Coolum Beach, Qld.

A: We gave them the pros and cons, of course. Our own choice is a slide-on, but that's best for two-up travellers, not families.


Q: Hi Allan, we met you at a rest stop on our way down to Sydney recently, in our new Mercedes 4x4 motorhome. You were telling us about having taken the Trakka version down to the waterfall at Kangaroo Valley. We'd love to read the article - Barbara H.

A: It's in the Buyers Guide on the site.


Q: I saw the story on the Golf off road Savannah camper, but for the life of me I cannot contact the makers. Do you have any idea where they’re made and how to contact them? - Arie V.

A: We had no luck, either, dealing with these people and she bought something else.


Q: Fantastic article and video on the Unimog, Allan. I have been working on Daryl Beattie's Unimog, designing a winch bar for him and he has mentioned you and your website a number of times - Ben N, Unimog Central.

Q:Hi Team. We would love your website to do a review on our Tailgate tray-back camper. It has been getting very positive comments at the shows we attend - Irene H, Vic.

A: So we did - it's in slide-on campers.


Q: I am looking to buy a 4x4 van to convert for camping and I'm looking at the 4x4 Mercedes Sprinter: the model which can be driven on a car licence, seems the ideal vehicle. They don't mention the price, so I was hoping you could help me with that - Noel S, Port Macquarie, NSW

A: We did - it's around 22-grand more than a 4x2.


Q: Hi, we are looking at upgrading our soft-floor camper trailer. We have two children, six and 10. We have been looking at different options: Kimberly Kamper, Cub Brumby and possibly even a Goldstream pop top. We have ideas about going up north again on the rough stuff! What would you recommend to help us to choose? We have a Patrol wagon to tow with - Cindy G, NSW.

A: We suggested the Cub for its ruggedness and value for money.


Q: I am after a tent for the rear door of a T5 Transporter. Do you sell them? - David H.

A: We don't, but Trakka did.


Q: Is it possible to buy the roof top tent on the Carry Me Camper? - Patrick M.

A: Jacksons were only too happy to oblige.


Q: Please could you send me a copy of the RMIT canvas test outlined on your website - Lindsay S.

A: We've kept a copy and it's available to anyone on request.


Q: Hi guys. I don't know if my question comes under your knowledge but here goes: will the gearbox, transfer box, drivelines and front diff from a 96 HiLux be strong enough to be fitted to an 86 Toyota Coaster motorhome? - Bob B.

A: No! Get LandCruiser bits.


Q: Hello, I just read your Isuzu NPS300 article. Could you please tell me what year Isuzu this refers to? Did they upgrade the suspension on the 2013 model or 2014 model? - William T.

A: There have been suspension changes, but they're minor. Standard ride quality is still poor, but Earthcruiser has upgrades.




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