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Where can I go safely?

Australia is a wonderland for bush travellers. Our Destinations section details many trips and we get a lot of enquiries as well:

Q: Hello! I want to travel Australia by 4WD, but I have some reservations about travelling by myself. Do you have any tips or advice before I set out into the wild blue yonder? - Ashley P, Hamilton Island, Qld.

A: We directed him to our travel advice stories.


Q: Hi Allan. We're interested in travelling the Never Never tour that I read about on your website. How can I find out about dates and booking for this? Also the Hay River Track, if you have any information on tag -a-long tours this year or next - Moyra LBS.

A: We connected her with Jol Fleming's Direct 4WD Awareness site.


Q: I read in the Discovery 4 review: 'The Discovery 3’s original nav system was useless in the bush until we upgraded the mapping and that brought it up to Disco 4 level, which is very good'. What was the upgrade that was undertaken? - Thanks, Darryl M.

A; We told him to argue with Land Rover about the exorbitant price for an upgrade and he scored one for far less.


Q: Hi there, we are seniors who would like to travel from Sydney via Uluru and Alice Springs then somehow make our way to see Karijini NP, Monkey Mia then head home across the Nullarbor. We have been to Katherine, Kakadu, Kimberleys, Gibb River Rd, Broome and Perth. We'd love your ideas and advice regarding possible itineraries for our travels - Shirley L.

A: And we gave them plenty!


Q: Hi, I would like to request permission to use a photograph of a 4WD crossing a log bridge to illustrate a story I am writing for a writer's forum. This story is not for sale nor wider publication. In 1985 my husband and I spent four days stuck on the Creb track and very few photos of the trip have survived. It was such a terrifying trip. After losing traction after eight inches of rain, we slid backward down the big hill and plunged through the underbrush, coming to a halt about two-thirds of the way down and there we stayed, with the Rover roped to trees and boulders to hold us there until the rain ceased and we could dig our way out - Katrina D.

A: We obliged with the piccies.


Q: Hi Allan. I noticed your review of the Trakkadu ORP 2014 had good things to say about the upgraded lower gearing. I'm possibly in the market for one of these vehicles for the purposes of touring some of Australia's great national parks. As I have never done one of these trips before I'm interested in your opinion as to the limitations of the 2014 Trakkadu ORP model. Would it for example be able to go across the Simpson Desert or into the Bungle Bungles. I know a lot of factors come into off-roading including the driver's abilities but from the standpoint of the vehicle alone can you see it going to some of the more rugged areas? - Alex C.

A: We gave the Trakkadu the thumbs-up for this task.


Q:  Hi, I have a question for Allan: I was wondering where he did the video for the Isuzu MU-X review. I have just bought one and that looked like a good place to go - Evan J.

A: It was shot at NSW's Yuraygir National Park, at Pebbly Beach.


Q: We will be travelling in our Toyota camper van which is dual fuel, LPG and unleaded but with a very small petrol tank. Our route will be from Far South Coast of NSW, through NSW via Adelaide and then Flinders Ranges, back to the highway and then up to Alice, Darwin and then some time heading down the West Coast until Broome. Do you know if there is a way of checking we can get LPG along this route, every 3-400km? - Claire D.

A: We suggested they not do the trip as planned, because of the scarcity of LPG in the bush.


Q: Need to look at increasing fuel tank capacity on my LandCruiser Sahara 2008 model. Any advice, help or guidance appreciated - Adrian K.

A: We suggested a LongRanger steel tank, with a caution about exceeding GVM if too much other freight was loaded on board.


Q: Hi. I have a 1998 3.4 petrol Prado with 170k on it. I currently use it on the beach at Straddie and Fraser. I am interested in touring around Australia and am wondering if this a suitable vehicle and if so what mods you suggest - Allan W.

A: The Prado petrol will do the job, but you may need tougher tyres. It's thirsty if pushed hard or towing.


Q: Hello. My mates and I are planning a trip via the Madigan Line. If it is possible I would love to talk to one of you regarding, duration, fuel and conditions. I would really appreciate if I could give you a call to have a quick chat? - Hugh R.

A: We rang and gave Hugh some pointers.


Q: Hi, I am doing some route surveying, I'd appreciate any advice on how to access Australia wide topo maps that work within google maps/earth applications or suggest the best software application to view locations both in planning and remotely in the outback and also be able to view and share the trip undertaken via GPS tracking - Adam P.

A: We use Hema Map Apps, including topos, on our iPads and iPhones.


Q: Hi Allan. I note that you travelled the Sandy Blight Track just a few months ago. Could I please ask the condition of this track and if I am able to drive this track towing a 17ft off-road caravan with a LandCruiser? - Angelo T.

A: No problem, we assured him.


Q: Hi Allan, just a couple of 4WD questions. We have just purchased a new Prado 2016 GXL (thanks to your testing/videos) and wanted to get auto trans cooler fitted for towing purposes as well as diesel fuel water/fuel filter. Problem is Toyota dealer (Mandurah WA) says it will make our warranty null and void. I said if I got some dodgy fuel the warranty becomes null and void. He agreed. I just feel that I am between a rock and a hard place. Any thoughts? Love your website and keep up the good work for us novices - Mike S.

A: We advised that late-model water separators won't affect fuel line pressure delivery to the injection pump, so shouldn't pose a warranty issue.





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