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Can I use 4WD on high-friction surfaces?

Many people are confused about how to operate 4WD and there are diferent systems fitted to different vehicles. We've explained it in our Driving Skills section, but we get many enquiries. Here are some:


Q: Hello, I have just bought 1994 Toyota LandCruiser ute and I was wondering can it still use four wheel drive without locking my diff lock in - Barney M.

A: We gave him a short course in driving a part-time 4WD - story's on the site.


Q: Hello Allan. I have just read a ute comparo that says that the Hilux, Triton and Colorado utes do not offer a "centrally locking differential". I have looked at your very comprehensive Colorado article but the non-locked centre diff question is not raised, or is this a 'furphy'? - Brian S.

A: This is a common misunderstanding in the case of most utes that have a part-time 4WD system that's explained on the website.


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