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Can I watch TV and listen to radio in the bush?

Infotainment services are improving all the time and we try to keep on top of this fast-changing topic.


Q: Hi, I have a Jayco 20ft van with a digital TV fitted. I just got to Mudgee where I have been lots of times in the past and had good reception, this time just hash. The owner at the van park says it's because Mudgee has gone digital and even his reception in the office is rubbish. What can I do to correct the problem for my van and this is going to happen more often all over the country, do I need a new aerial or have I got to go for a satellite dish? - John E.

A: We updated him on digital reception.


Q: I wonder if you know of any books for kids that can keep them amused and be educational as well: something with birds, reptiles and plants they can find and check off so to speak. It would need to be outback specific. Be great if you have any ideas - Iain M, Old Bar NSW.

A: We sorted it with some on-line titles.


Q: Can you recommend a world radio that works in remote areas such as the Kimberley? - Leonie M.

A: Ours is a Sangean with short-wave band and works nicely in the scrub.


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