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What recovery gear do I need?

What you need depends on where you go. We've covered the topic in 4WD Recovery Techniques and here are some questions we've been asked:


Q I have an Australian travel website and in my safety section, linked your website article on safe winching as it was the best I had seen - Judy M (Motherhen).

A: Thanks Judy, glad we could help.


Q: Hello Allan, I have brought a hand winch and I want to purchase a snatch block to use with it. The manual says I need a pulley of a diameter of 18 x the diameter of the cable, which is 11.5mm. This means a snatch block of 207mm diameter. This is a big snatch block both in size and probably in weight. Does this seem right to you? - Jim S.

A: We pointed him to our story and video on using synthetic rope on a snatch block in conjunction with a hand winch.


Q: Hi Guys, I am looking to fit a PTO to a Toyota LandCruiser and was hoping you could help with some information on the Jost brand - Chris B.

A: PTOs are difficult and expensive to fit to modern LCs, so an engine-driven or electric hydraulic pump is the go.


Q: Hi Allan. Your video on hand winching has confirmed for me that I will use synthetic rope to run through my snatch block when using my hand winch. You mentioned that at the tail end of the synthetic rope you tied a bowline. Was this knot hard to undo after the winching operation? - Jim S.

A: Bowlines normally come undone fairly easily.


Q: Hi Allan. I've read your story on 'ever stronger snatch straps'. I have the problem of owning a fairly light-weight 2006 Jeep Cherokee that weighs about 2000kg. If I follow the recommendations, I'd need a snatch strap that has a breaking strength of about 5t - Stefanie B.

A: Snatch strap strengths are excessive in most cases. Try to buy a lighter weight one.


Q: Hi Allan. Where can I buy a Bush Winch? Just saw your review and like the idea. I have a Suzuki Grand Vitara and don't want a bar and winch weight up front. Thanks - Glenn A.

A: We put him on to Bush Winch in WA.




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