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We always buy second-hand, but that doesn't suit everbody.

Q: Hi guys. I came across your Toyota 75 make-over and I am doing something similar. I would just like to know how the Resomat worked for you and if you did it again would you do it a different way? - Lyle J.

A: We were happy with the Resomat under-mat insulation we bought and recommended it.



Q: Do you have any information on a replacement brake system for Troopy? Nicely laid-out website - best regards, Tim B.

A:(We suggested some replacement and upgraded brakes that we've checked out.


Q: I'm looking at replacing my seats and would appreciate knowing where I can get on to suspension seats of great quality - Edward M.

A: Suspension seats are at Seats R Us, but we have Recaros in our own ute.


Q: Hi Allan. Spoke to you at the Marla servo in July this year, we were heading to Surveyor Generals Corner and return via Hay River. You were heading home to Moss Vale. I have been reading your site and am interested in the upgrade of the 78 Series handbrake. Can you shed any more light on availability of the components? - Terry B.

A: It's a brake kit from Bendix with upgraded handbrake shoe linings.


Q: I still drive my 60 Series Sahara that I purchased in 1989. Since then I have done some major mods to tow our caravan. Because this van weighs 2.52 tonnes unladen I needed to do some upgrades to be able to legally tow this van. Firstly I rebuilt the 12HT engine: new turbo upgrade to boost to 14 pounds, air to water intercooler, PWR radiator, no fuel increase and standard injectors. It developes 510Nm and it returns 17-18 litres per 100km towing fully laden van. So with late 80 series front brakes, chassis strength increase at rear, 200 Series tow bar and air assisted rear suspension we were able to have this engineered to 6900kg GCM. So with some sensible upgrades these older vehicles can still perform as well as newer vehicles - Peter H.

A: Nice upgrade, we reckon.



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