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Do I need driving lights?

Standard headlights are getting worse as anti-dazzle legislation gets tighter. For safe bush travel at night every 4WD needs help.


Q: Hi Allan. Just read through your informative article on driving light types. You finished it off saying that you would review other LED driving lights in the future. BTW, great job and some excellent info available on the site! - Russell O.

A: We've continued to add LED driving light and bar tests to the site.


Q: Hi there! Great website and reviews! Quick question regarding driving lights: if distance isn't a huge priority (HID spots) does a product like the Lightforce LED 215s become a good option, and is there an advantage to having two spread beams over combination of spread and spot? - Dale B.

A: We suggested a combination of 215 spread and spot, for optimum results.


Q: Could you please do a test of the Aussie made Fyrlyte 9000 halogen lights. I would love to see how they compare to LED and HID lights - Steven C.

A: So would we, but we're tired of asking them to lend us a test pair.)


Q: Hi, I have just purchased a set of Hella Rallye FF 4000 Compact iX Series XGD Spread Beam Driving Lamps. I was wondering if I could replace the chrome rim with a red rim - Bill W.

A: Hella sent him some rims.


Q: My son and I are taking part in the Mongol Rally - 9000 miles in a one-litre Nissan Micra - as a bit of fun and because we can. I've fitted a couple of spot lights to roof bars but on full beam the light intrudes significantly into the cabin and renders them useless. My question is, if I fit "pencil beam" spot lights, such as the Hella Rallye 3003, is this likely to resolve the issue. Thank you in advance – Stuart V.

A: We don’t like roof-rack-mounted lights, for the very reasons explained by Stuart and the fact that tree branches will smash them. Bar-mounted Hellas should do the trick.

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