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The Outback Travel Australia Story

Established in 2009, the Outback Travel Australia is owned and operated by Allan Whiting , with a great deal of assistance from the dedicated Outback Travel Australia team. Allan's career as a journalist spans many years; he considers himself fortunate to have been able to follow his passion for writing about trucks, sailing boats, four wheel drives, 4WD aftermarket gear, travel and touring in Australia.

Outback Travel Australia has become an invaluable resource tool for many of our visitors, delivering the latest news and information to the 4WD Touring, Camping and Outdoor Recreation Communities. We offer personalised question and answer advice and a huge amount of information for those interested in touring this amazing country, Australia. Many others have attempted to emulate Allan's success by re-arranging the words 'Outback Travel Australia' - while changing the words around fools some, there is only one Allan Whiting. 

We provide fair and unbiased test reports on the latest 4WD makes and models for recreation or work. Our comprehensive 4WD Buyers Guide has reports on new and earlier model vehicles. We offer information and advice on tyre replacement, modifying 4WDs, fitting aftermarket equipment, camper trailers and camping equipment, off-road driving tips, vehicle recovery, towing and much, much more.

Integrity and honesty are key in all the reviews on our website so that you, as a visitor to our website can be confident that you are reading unbiased and informed editorial at all times. Our editorial is based on experienced testing and extensive research; we don’t publish advertorial.  

Reward for our effort comes in the form of satisfaction, knowing that we help others every single day in sharing the knowledge of years of learning and experience.

We hope that you'll become a regular visitor to this website and join thousands of people who are already enjoying the benefits of the free information provided by the Outback Travel Australia Team.



In February 2018 we introduced the Outback Travel Australia 'Supporters' program. We decided to explore this avenue before we as earning revenue from advertising is becoming more difficult as each year passes. Google, Facebook and other social media outlets are now the big players in the advertising market, taking a massive 80+% of all advertising dollars. We expect this trend will continue.

Running the Outback Travel Australia free information website is very rewarding and it keeps us very busy. The only problem is that running a free website isn't free. Rather than waiting until we go broke, we thought we'd ask for help from people like you, people that value our contribution.  

If you'd like to know more about becoming a supporter please click on this link > BECOME A SUPPORTER


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