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Caravan safety research survey - have your say



The Australian National University’s ANU College of Law is conducting research to identify whether Australian consumer law and Australian vehicle standards are ineffective in ensuring that only caravans fit for purpose are used on Australian roads.

The project is reviewing relevant law applicable to the design and sale of caravans, including the Motor Vehicle Standards Act 1989, the Road Vehicle Standards Rules 2019 and Vehicle Standards Bulletin VSB1, Building Small Trailers National Code of Practice.

Other relevant laws include Australian Consumer Law (ACL), complemented by state and territory laws, to ensure that all manner of consumer transactions are covered.

The survey is looking for details of the consumer experience in obtaining remedies for serious defects in caravan manufacture that make the vehicle unsafe to tow.

This research is not looking at ‘defects of convenience’ such as faults in design that affect whether the caravan is waterproof, or various fixtures and fittings work. (While no doubt inconvenient, disappointing and expensive to repair, these do not affect the safety of the vehicle.)

Within the scope of the survey are defects in gas and/or electrical installation as these must be certified safe as part of the registration process.

Caravan owners who have experience with defects and with trying to get them corrected are invited to complete this survey.

The survey involves 21 questions that are mostly selections from various options, with, in some cases, space for comments you would like to make.

We anticipate that the survey should take no more than 20 minutes.

Completion of the survey is voluntary and anonymous.You are asked to identify your gender, age range and state or territory of residence but there is no further identifying information requested.

The results of the survey will be used to compare the actual experience of obtaining repairs and remedies against the stated aims of Australian Consumer law.

The results will form the basis of recommendations to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission and the Federal Government for changes to the ACL.

In addition to these reports to government, the results of the study will be used by the principal researcher to complete a paper in partial satisfaction of the requirements for the degree of Juris Doctor at the Australian National University.

It is also anticipated that the research will be used by the supervisor and the principal researcher to prepare a journal article for publication in an appropriate refereed academic journal.

For more details on the study and how the results will be stored and used, read the Information Sheet for Participants here:

If you are ready to complete the survey – follow this link to the Caravan consumer satisfaction survey:

Contact for more information:

Dr Michael Eburn

Associate Professor

School of Legal Practice

ANU College of Law

T +61 2 6125 6424

M 0409 727 054