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Projecta's easy-stow inverter


projecta pwc150 inverterProjecta has introduced the cylindrically-shaped Pro-Wave 150W pure-sine-wave inverter that's designed to sit in vehicle cup holders.

Pure sine wave units convert 12VDC power into 240V power without static interruption, making them ideal for powering sensitive electrical equipment, fluorescent lighting and even medical devices.

The PW 150 plugs into a 12V accessory socket and can fast-charge or power devices such as laptops, tablets, cameras, mobile phones and electric shavers using the unit’s powerful 2.1A (5V) USB port or conventional power plug outlet.

The Pro-Wave comes with a heat-resistant plug, generous 600mm fuse-protected cable and a one-year warranty. RRP is $190 and the PW 150 can be purchased at leading transport, automotive and four wheel drive outlets.