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Range-extended US pickup previewed



The USA's Workhorse Group unveiled a working prototype range-extended electric pickup at the Advanced Clean Transportation Expo in Long Beach, California in April 2017.

The Workhorse W-15 has 320kW of power and 130-kilometre range from its lithium-ion battery pack. The range can be extended by automatic operation of a two-cylinder BMW petrol engine that charges the batteries on the run. Total range is said to be around 500km.

All-wheel drive is a standard feature as well as active safety systems that include collision alert with automatic braking and lane-departure warning.

The truck has a composite body with carbon fibre panels. The prototype is the most popular US pickup configuration: double cab with a 2.5-metre-long cargo tub.

A bonus from the on board electricity supply is a 7.2kW power system that allows tools to be plugged directly into the battery power source.

It has 300mm ground clearance, payload of one tonne and towing capacity of 2.5 tonnes.

The W-15 incorporates a version of the E-Gen electric technology already used in the company’s medium-duty truck designs and can recharge by plugging into standard J1772 stations.

Production models are scheduled for delivery in 2018.

The Workhorse W-15 electric truck is said to be first in the pickup segment built in the USA and is already gaining the attention of commercial customers.

North Carolina-based power company Duke Energy has signed a letter of interest for at least 500 trucks by 2019. The city of Orlando in Florida also said it intends to purchase some vehicles.