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RegoMate app - reminds you when your registration is due



State and Territory governments are raking in a fortune in registration-breach fines from vehicle owners.

Now that nearly all legislatures don’t send out registration stickers there’s no longer the date reminder on your windscreen and many people forget to renew their registration.

Not only is there a hefty fine for this breach of the law, but your vehicle is automatically uninsured if it’s not currently registered.

Sure, your new registration papers are supposed to be mailed to you well in advance, but what if they don’t turn up, or you’ve moved, or you’re away?

getregomateFortunately, there’s help at hand. A new free App – RegoMate is available. It’s very user friendly and doesn’t even request your name or your address.

Once you’ve set up your several or single vehicle registration renewal dates on RegoMate, you’ll get a sequence of three reminders, including an urgent notice that comes two days ahead of the deadline. Reminders can come via push notification or email.

You can also set up reminders for boat, trailer, motorcycle, bus or truck registration.

RegoMate can be downloaded from the App Store or Play Store. RegoMate is on Facebook,Twitter and has a website RegoMate: