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Tim Bowden - No Plucking! Oddments collected by a reptile of the press



Tim Bowden's latest release is titled NO PLUCKING! Oddments collected by a reptile of the Press.

Tim explains 

No Plucking! Oddments collected by a retile of the pressEver since I was a small boy, I have collected published information that has amused me. This continued when I became a cub reporter on the Hobart Mercury in 1955 (which makes me quite old) I have hoarded clippings and odd and unusual sayings or unfortunate headlines. Some are old and yellowed with age.

Unexpected spellings (Australia is not immune) have been photographed in loos. My sister-in-law Fran snapped this gem in the supposedly upmarket Adels Grove in Queensland’s Gulf country.

Direct translations from Chinese into English can be hazardous. This one was supposed to alert gentlemen to a toilet for the disabled.

NO PLUCKING! Is by no means an autobiography, but I have drawn on my varied experiences as a newspaper journalist, and current affairs reporter and foreign correspondent for the ABC in North America and Asia in the 1960s, as well as hosting the ABC’s viewer reaction program BackChat for nine years from 1986.

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