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Posted by Allan Whiting

At Outback Travel Australia we feel sorry for the average Australian driver who hires a vehicle in Europe. Over there, lane discipline is taught to learner drivers and no-one stays in the 'fast lane' unless overtaking. European drivers aren't allowed to overtake on the inside lane, because it's dangerous, yet that 'undertaking' practice is forced on Australian drivers because slower drivers don't keep to the left.

Drive like the typical Aussie driver in Europe and you'll get hooted at, flashed at and bullied, until you do move over.

In Europe, trucks are not allowed to overtake each other on divided four-lane roads - they must stay in the slow lane at all times or risk a fine. Over there, you almost never see overtaking trucks blocking both lanes.

Speeding trucks are also a rarity, because they're restricted to 80-85km/h and the cops are ever vigilant.

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