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The Porsche Cayenne is virtually a hot-rodded VW Touareg, with extremely limited off-road application.

Porsche CayenneThe Cayenne shares the VW Touareg’s central body and door sections, and adds unique bonnet, front and rear panels, plus a different interior. The powertrains, suspensions, wheels and tyres are also different.

Our testing of an early Cayenne V8 suggested that this was one of the quickest ways by which you could lose your licence. It went like hell and handled like a…a...Porsche.

Because the Porsche priority is on-road performance and handling the suspension, tyres and wheels fitted to all Cayennes are totally unsuited to off-roading of any description.

As a town and country cruiser – perfect. For dirt, gravel and off-roading – buy something else.


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