This is no ordinary camping torch.

This Goal Zero product combines a solar-powered flashlight, hand-crank flashlight and a  solar charger in the one compact unit.

goal zero torchIt also has flood light and red emergency light modes, a USB cable to connect mobile phones for charging and a fold-out hanging hook.

The Torch 250 is powered by a  3.7-volt, 16.3 Watt-hout lithium-ion battery that is claimed to run the spotlight beam on full power for seven hours or the floodlight beam at low power for 48 hours.

Charge time for the lithium-ion battery, using the inbuilt solar panel, is said to be 24 hours of full sunlight, but the torch will operate for two minutes after one minute of hand-cranking.

Charge time for a mobile phone battery, via the inbuilt  five-volt USB connector, is a claimed seven hours.

The Torch 250 measures 254mm x 8.9mm x 4.5mm and weighs 408 grams. Recommended retail price is $119.

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