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A quality firebox that folds flat.


Mi Lite Camping Accessories major product is a stainless steel, heavy duty, fold flat, portable fire box. It doesn't require tools to assemble.

milite fire box Increasingly, it's becoming difficult to have an evening campfire in many camping areas. Some areas completely outlaw fires and others insist on a fire being lit in a fire ring, or in fully enclosed fire box that won't leave unsightly scars on the grass.


The Mi Lite fold-flat Firebox is strong enough to support a full-sized cooking fire and it drops almost no embers or ash onto the ground while it's in use.

When it's cooled off the contents can be tipped from the box into a garden area or rubbish bin and the fire box can then be folded away.

The Mi Lite unit has no brackets or hinges, or anything that can be easily misplaced. No tools are needed to assemble it or to pack it away.

It consists of two end plates that double as support legs and two side plates that slot into cut-outs in the end plates. One side plate has a slight turn-up at the bottom, to wedge the two side plates together. A  cooking plate clips on top.

To ensure durability the Mi Lite Firebox is laser-cut from 3mm stainless steel plate.

When folded flat, the Mi Lite unit slides into a canvas carry bag that measures 600mm x 360mm x 50mm. It weighs 13kg.

Our testing has blackened the silver sheen of the stainless panels, but the assembly works as neatly as when it was new. We noticed some slight buckling of the side plates when we burnt high-heat Gidgee wood in the box, but a tap or two with a rubber hammer soon rectified that. Even when slightly buckled the Mi Lite plates still locked an unlocked quite easily.

We've seen some mild-steel fire boxes and thinner stainless steel ones that buckled excessively after a few uses and the mild steel ones rusted very quickly.

Our initial reaction to the Mi Lite Firebox RRP of $295 (plus freight) was shock, but after living with the Mi Lite for a few months we can see the value in it. It's a camping lifetime purchase.

Order your Mi Lite Firebox here (clicking on this link will open a new email) Please type your full name where indicated in the email subject line and provide your delivery address.


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