A simple, yet extremely comfortable camp-bed solution.

Once we'd slept for a few nights on two Duvalays in our Tray-Tek camper we were sold on the idea. A bonus was the easiest bed-making we've ever had. 

duvalayThe first Duvalay was the result of an English couple's camping experience. Caravan and camper beds were generally uncomfortable and very difficult to make up or pack away every morning.

Now, Duvalay products are more varied and are available around the world. A Duvalay is essentially two sheet-formed 'pockets' stitched together: one pocket houses a quality memory-foam mattress that can be 2.5cm, 4.0cm or 5.0cm thick and the other pocket houses a doona (duvet) that can be as thick or thin as the user desires.


Each Duvalay has a single mattress, but the doona pocket is twice as wide as the mattress, meaning there's ample doona width and no likelihood of 'cold shoulder' syndrome. Two Duvalays can be laid side by side, making a Double-Duvalay.

At OTA we bought two of the 66cm-wide and 4.0cm-thick Duvalays and sat them on top of our camper mattress. In contrast with making up the queen size camper bed that required athletic feats, the Duvalays were 'made' simply by folding the doona sections doubled-over on top of each mattress. Job done.

duvalayFor extra cold nights we threw a 'Duner' (that's another story) over the top of the Duvalays and were as warm as toast.

We also checked out the Duvalays as stand-alone (should that be 'lie-alone'?) beds and found them OK on top of a carpeted floor. The 77cm-wide and 5.0cm-thick version would be the choice for those wanting a lie-alone bed that sits on a hard surface.

Washing the bedding proved easy enough, thanks to a full length zippers on the mattress and doona pockets.

Covers and matching pillow cases are available in Navy, Chocolate, Plum, Cappuccino, Sky Blue and Cream. Also available in Satin stripe - Cappuccino, Cream or White.

Plum or Cappuccino Check covers are available for the 77cm wide Duvalay.   


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