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Andy and Michelle - NSW


Andy and Michelle did a lot of bush travel and research before purchasing their Ultimate camper trailer. They've travelled extensively throughout Australia and have driven many off-road kilometres.

Here are a few happy snaps of some of their travels.

Andy and Michelle's travels 



Name Andy and Michelle
Age bracket
35 - 44



Model and year

XPLOR 2014

Purchased new or used 



Hard-floor, side fold

Optional extras fitted


17” rims, wheel track matched to 4WD, hot water system, heater, window clears, EMP mattress underlay, inverter, curtains, LED bed lamps, outdoor table, front boot mat liner


Price paid                                                  $60,673

Beds size and comfort of mattresses


King size, high density foam mattress, very comfortable


How many people does the camper sleep


Kitchen type, slide-out, indoor, outdoor etc.


Cooker type, fuel , number of burners etc.

Twin burner gas SMEV

What do you like about the kitchen setup 


No set-up time, food lives in pantry permanently, spacious 110L fridge, all the convenience of our kitchen at home


What do you dislike about the kitchen setup


Water tank capacity


110L water tank + 2 x 20L jerry can storage in front nose cone


Camper set-up time - with awning

15 minutes

Camper set-up time – no awning

10 minutes

Are the camper’s storage areas adequate 


Yes, ample storage in drawers, cupboards, bins under lounge, and massive front nose cone


Deciding factors for choosing this brand


Indoor cooking, lightweight, low ball weight, extremely comfortable, Australia made, cool in summer, warm in winter, no pegs, easy set up, extremely capable off road


Describe your style of camping - long term, short term   

Set-up camp for a day or two, then move on to another venue

How often do you use your camper trailer


Most weekends, every holiday, and extended 6-12 month trips


Axle weight when fully loaded


Tow-ball weight when fully loaded


Tow hitch type


Have you had any camper warranty issues


After 6 months of full time touring: doorway zipper, 2 rivets replaced, sealant repaired – all repaired with no questions asked, excellent service

After sales service rating  (please tick)


above expectations


Would you buy the same brand again


Reasons you would / would not buy again


We believe the Ultimate XPLOR is the best camper trailer on the market for us and the way that we tour.



What would you buy if you upgrade your current camping set-up

Ultimate XPLOR GT

Additional comments:


The camper is our home away from home, and we love every second in it.


About the tow vehicle



Model and year 

LandCruiser 200 series 2012

Wagon, ute


Engine size


Fuel type


Towing capacity

3.5 T

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