A cordless handheld multi-use spotlight on test

We’ve been testing the LightForce Enforcer 140mm LED handheld spotlight for a few months and we reckon it’s one of the best portable spotlights/hunting lights on the market.

It’s a rechargeable unit with a lithium-ion battery that takes a full charge from flat in around 2.5 hours.

Our test light came with the standard internal battery that gave three-four hours of life, which proved adequate for night-time walks around our campsites and also as backup for a vehicle-mounted spotlight on vermin control exercises around a mate’s property.

However, there’s an optional clip-in battery that’s said to be good for up to 18.5 hours.

The Enforcer uses a lightweight Fresnel reflector and a lens to produce a concentrated beam, without the weight penalty of a plain reflector and lens. It tips the scales at a light, 450 grams.

The light has an inbuilt focusing mechanism that allows you to change quickly from wide pattern to long distance spot. In spot mode the Enforcer has a range of one lux at 376m.

Since our test began the Enforcer has been given a red/white option, allowing users to switch between the two settings to suit specific environments.

The Enforcer is water and dust proof to IP65 standard and is fitted with a Gore protective vent. It comes with a three-year warranty (excluding internal battery).

As a backup light for a roof-mounted vehicle spotlight the Enforcer proved ideal, because it was very manoeuvrable inside the vehicle and there was no wired connection to get tangled.

It was also a good stand-alone light for rabbit and cat shooting around the house and sheds.

However, it didn’t have enough grunt as a stand-alone light for hunting beyond around 100m, because the beam has to be very concentrated to achieve any distance: therefore not enough spread to hunt effectively.

The adjustable beam width proved very convenient for searching for shot game away from the vehicle-based spot light, but at maximum range the edge of the beam had severe colour fringing.

We reckon as a hunting light it’s best for relatively close work or as secondary light for retrieving shot game.


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