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A compact power source to run a camping fridge overnight - October 2016

Waeco has replaced the RAPS36 with the CoolPower RAPS44 power pack, with 44 amp-hour capacity.

Like the RAPS36, the upgraded RAPS44 is a Waeco-manufactured, deep-cycle, portable 12-volt battery pack with superior discharge/charging cycle capability, but with 44 amp-hour capacity instead of 36A-h.

Specifically designed to run Waeco compressor fridge/freezers, the RAPS44 is portable, weighing 13.5kg and has an ergonomic handle.

The CoolPower RAPS44 has deep-cycle AGM battery cells, twin output sockets (12-volt and Hella) and can run a portable fridge and LED lights simultaneously. There are built-in charging points for 240-volt supply and 12-volt, via a 1.5-metre  charging lead. Charging from a solar panel is also possible.

The unit also has a digital volt display and there's a battery condition LED test button

The new CoolPower RAPS44 measures W230 x H245 x D227mm, comes with a 12-month warranty and has a RRP of $379.


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