Bush Yarns and Poetry


Learn the art of camp oven cooking and have heaps of fun as you do.


If you haven’t come across one of Ranger Nick’s demo camp cooking sessions at a 4WD or camping show or watched his DVD you’re definitely missing out. He’s a very entertaining presenter and he knows exactly what he’s doing.

His DVD is well worth acquiring, because it ’s a fun way of learning how to select firewood; how to use charcoal briquettes;  how to avoid too much washing up; what recipes work best in the bush; how to position coals or heat beads under and on top of a camp oven; using a trivet and using your senses - common sense included!

Ranger Nick also covers fire safety topics, including containing your camp fire and cooking during fire bans.

During his demonstrations Ranger Nick treats his audiences to some bush poetry and rapid-fire jokes and there’s a fair sample of this Aussie wit on the DVD.

You can visit Ranger Nick's website, where you can learn how to season a camp oven; peruse his camp oven cookbooks, join up for a workshop or buy his DVD.

If you want to catch up with him at a 4x4 Show, check his events calendar: http://rangernick.com.au/Events-Calendar.php

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