Bush Yarns and Poetry


Bush Poetry by Allan Whiting - January 2014


Vast, flat expanses, stony channels, tortured hills, gnarled, twisted, struggling trees, eroded rocks, brittle grass clumps.

A different image for every eye, but always colour, always space.

Time's story in a landscape library: the oldest land; the planet's most weather-beaten surface.

A blueprint for Earth's future?



Flickering horizons - floating sandhills on stony flats - soft overflowing hard.

Grey-green spinifex riding sand - gentle look - wire fronds and selfish roots tethering: hard binding soft.

Year in year out: sear, bake and crack, then quench, cool and soothe: mud plaster for the blasted earth.

The anvil.


No musty, secret, worming end to life: the arid land steals back its precious atoms - too few to lose. Sunlit demise under a blue vault: tearing eagle beak, crisped skin, ghost gum bones.

The spirit.


Outsiders run the margin road: snail like, with vital life support. Challenge, marvel and steal. The razor's edge - one slip.




Allan Whiting - 1991. 

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