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The Boys Go Fishing!



We met these guys at Hells Gate Roadhouse on the Savannah Way. They were on a fishing trip to the Gulf, but insisted on taking some of the comforts of home - including a portable spa bath!

After many years of bush travel we reckon we've seen most camping equipment possibilities, but this pair changed our minds.

We'd never think of a portable spa bath as an inclusion in our camping kit, but 'Bushy' and 'Stumpy' - he's the big bloke in the tub and holding some of their catch - put it at the top of their list.

Fishing at the Top End can be a sticky, smelly business, so a spa seemed the obvious choice! 

stumpyThe weight of the kit, including the odd case of beer, increased their load and cost them a tyre or two, but they didn't seem to mind. having fun in the bush - that's what it's all about!


flat tyre

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