Fatigue monitoring can save lives

Optalert drowsiness monitoring glasses work by measuring a driver’s eyelid movements 500 times a second using a small LED built into the frame of the glasses.

Key measurements track how fast and how far the eyelid opens and closes. The measurements are translated into a score, which the driver sees inside the cab, on the Optalert Dashboard Indicator.

Optalert Drowsiness Measuring GlassesThe lightweight frame of Optalert glasses is said to provide comfortable all-day wear, with an interchangeable lenses to suit day and night driving.

The scratch-resistant, polycarbonate lenses come in five colours, with UV protection that is said to comply with Australian and New Zealand Standards.

There is also a prescription lens adaptor for those who wear prescription glasses when driving. 

All Optalert glasses are custom made to suit face shape and nose bridge.

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