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Every Little Town Has Something

How many times have you driven through little towns on your way to 'somewhere', only to find out later from other tourists that you missed something really interesting or special? That can be really disappointing, especially if you're unlikely to visit that area again.

So many little towns rely on tourist dollars for their survival and we'd like to help them out by getting the word out - whether it's an event, a museum, a cafe, bed and breakfast, a park, a bakery, a great camping spot, a farm-stay, a country pub with good tucker; whatever it is, we're inviting you to share your discoveries with us, website visitors and friends.

It's really easy, just send us all the details, some pics of you enjoying your time in that town if you have them and we'll do the rest. Best of all, it's completely free to contribute! Email us here

We're indebted to Australian Heritage for much of the content in this section.



This historic mining town is a gateway to the Snowies - April 2017

Adelong's verandah-lined main street is classified by the National Trust (NSW) and some buildings date back to the goldrush era of the 1800s. The nearby Heritage Listed Industrial Site, Adelong Falls Gold Mill Ruins, boasts a remarkable collection of stone ruins and the remains of the Reefer quartz crushing mill.

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Shearing history and the possible home of the Black Stump - April 2017.

The phrase 'beyond the black stump' has connections with the town of Blackall, though it is not the only Australian town that lays claim to the coining of the phrase. The original stump at Blackall was used as a reference point when the area was surveyed in 1887.

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The mining town has been recognised at last - January 2017

On January 20th, 2017, Broken Hill became Australia’s first National Heritage city. That sounds impressive, but you could be forgiven for asking: “What does that really mean?”

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This tiny town has been a watering hole for many years - April 2017

​The Northern Territory's Daly Waters Hotel is a legendary spot in a tiny town on the Stuart Highway. Today, with a population of about 23, the town of Daly Waters has little to commend it apart from its historic pub.

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This historic SA town has many relics to see - April 2017

​Marree is an outback town near Lake Eyre South and is an old settlement on the edge of the vast desert area of Central Australia. It is a true desert settlement, receiving an average annual rainfall of only 155mm.

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The re-opening of the Waltzing Matilda Centre is an excuse for a big party.

As our unofficial national anthem, the song ‘Waltzing Matilda’ has inspired a nation. Next April, the re-opening of the iconic Waltzing Matilda Centre in Winton will be celebrated by one of the biggest inland music and culture festivals ever held in Queensland: Winton’s Way Out West Fest.

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