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These easy-fit recovery aids are excellent


Trac Grabbers are designed to get you un-stuck when you find yourself in those wheel-spinning off-road moments.


Made from EPDM Rubber with webbed straps and D-ring buckles, Trac-Grabbers are blocks that help the tyre resist wheel spin, by digging into loose surfaces. The blocks also act as 'lifters' to help get a tyre to climb out of a rut or hollow.

Trac-Grabbers are available in a twin pack for 2WD vehicles or a quad pack for all tyres of a 4WD vehicle.

Packed into a weather proof bag, they take up less space than traditional recovery tracks.

Trac Grabbers are very easy to use, by simply pulling the securing straps tightly through the D-rings, but there may be clearance issues with some vehicles' suspension designs - particularly semi-strut front ends. 

We have a test quad set that we've evaluated during a boggy trip in winter 2017 and sandy trips in Summer 2017-18, so check out our test findings and video.


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