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ARB has partnered with TRED to provide spin-resistant sand and mud tracks


Composite plastic and glass-fibre-filled nylon sand and mud tracks for 4WD recovery have been developed by TRED for ARB.

TRED is synonymous with recovery tracks and offers a lifetime warranty on its products. The new TRED Pro tracks have been developed exclusively for ARB.

The Pro units are moulded heavy duty plastic and have glass-fibre-nylon stud inserts. These studs are said to be much more resistant to melting caused by spinning tyres than are the normal moulded plastic protrusions.

Also, the transitioning concave to convex shape allows the board to wrap around the tyre in the early stages of recovery, followed by the convex shape that allows the tyres to climb up onto the surface.

The TRED Pro tracks are available in all-black, or black with orange studs and each set comes with leashes to allow retrieval if the tracks are buried during the recovery process.

RRP from ARB stores is around $300.


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