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This low-profile weight scale is a useful safety tool.

Knowing your ball weight and axle weights is an important step in complying with the law and keeping your towing vehicle and trailer safe. The Towsafe caravan and trailer weight control scale is a useful tool for preserving trailer balance.


There are several articles on this website pointing out the importance of correct trailer weight and balance. The Towsafe scale is a portable, battery-powered tool that can help greatly when you're loading and setting up any trailer.

The unit is made from aluminium and stainless steel, with a platform that measures 305mm square and only 18mm thick. 

It incorporates five internal load cells with a total capacity of 1500kg, so it can weigh single-axle trailers with GVMs up to 3000kg and two-axle trailers up to 6000kg GVM.

Power to illuminate the LCD display comes from two button batteries.

The Towsafe scale is dust- and water-ingress protected to IP66 standard and is said to comply with the ISO/IEC 17025-2005 accuracy standard.

It needs to be noted at the outset that any one-wheel weight measurement will not be as accurate as all-wheel simultaneous weighing that you get at a registered weighbridge. A pair of scales per axle will improve accuracy over a single unit, but even then the slight increase in height as the vehicle or trailer tyres climb onto the scale will compress the suspension slightly and may produce an optimistic reading.

However, for towball weight measurment, a single scale is perfect.

When we tested the Towsafe single scale under the tyres of our LandCruiser 75 Series we found that it recorded a total mass of 3011kg, compared with the local registered-weighbridge reading of 2740kg - 10-percent optimistic. When we measured the axle weight on a Zone caravan it was also out by around 10-percent.

Does this inaccuracy mean that the Towsafe scale isn't useful? On the contrary, it can be ideal as a guide when you're loading your van or camper trailer. The ball weight reading should be spot-on and the proportional weights on the tyres - left to right and fore and aft - should give a good idea of whether your trailer is balanced or not. You can do final checking at a weighbridge.

Pricing was around $470 in February 2017. Check out the test video:


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