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This fully-articulating coupling fits a standard 50mm tow ball

Engineered by AL-KO in Australia for extreme off-road conditions, the new AL-KO Off-Road Ball Coupling allows extreme vertical and horizontal articulation and has an easy-hitching design using a standard 50mm tow ball - avoiding the inconvenience of pin or hole alignment that causes connection issues with many off road couplings.


“The original AL-KO Off-Road Ball Coupling has been a popular product for off-road caravans and camper trailers for many years," said AL-KO Marketing Services Manager, Brad Hooper.

“Over this period we have noted feedback from manufacturers and caravan owners.

"Our Australian engineers have incorporated these inputs into a new-generation product that provides improved ease of use and durability for serious off-road use.”

One of the first companies to adopt the new AL-KO coupling is Cub Campers, for the new Frontier forward-fold unit, but it can be retrofitted to existing drawbars.

In appearance the new AL-KO coupling resembles the now discontinued Hyland Hitch, but the locking latch hinges towards the front of the ball receiver, not to the back of it as in the Hyland design.

There are three models available:  3.5-tonnes-rated and 2.0-tonnes-rated sizes for trailers fitted with electric brakes and a 2.0-tonnes-rated type for trailers fitted with mechanical override brakes.

The AL-KO Off-Road Ball Coupling complements the release of AL-KO Enduro independent trailing arm suspension.




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