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Best known for its torsion bar axles AL-KO has developed an off-road wishbone suspension.

AL-KO Enduro suspension is available in two configurations: one for on-road and one for off-road conditions. Both have been engineered and built in Australia, and have been subjected to an extreme testing program.

The design is a popular trailng wishbone type, with an Australian-made coil spring and twin heavy duty shock absorbers on each side, as current fashion dictates. However, in addition to being deemed necessary by today's caravan buyers, twin shocks each side do share the damping workload and help keep heat buildup to a minimum.

Automotive grade, maintenance-free bushes are fitted and the wishbones have eccentric mountings that allow for camber and toe adjustments.

Progressive-rate bump stops are standard and the shocks have travel limiters, so no rebound cables are needed. The off-road Enduro has a 208mm ride height and wheel travel is 140mm.

Enduro suspensions are available for single and tandem applications and integrate seamlessly with AL-KO's electronic stability control (ESC), using Al-KO off-road electric brakes.

Maximum aggregate trailer mass (ATM) for single Enduros is 2500kg and 4100kg for tandems.

We were particularly impressed with the design of the AL-KO subframe and the installation procedure spelled out by the company. Welding points and the required processes are clearly illustrated - no sign of a 'she'll be right' approach.


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