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A 13-pin to seven-pin adaptor.

A European 4WD may come with a 13-pin EEC electrical trailer connector and it's difficult to fit the Australian seven-pin in its place.

Narva's solution is a pair of adaptors - '13-pin Euro round on car to 7-pin flat plug’ and ’13-pin Euro round on car to 7-pin large round plug - making it simple to connect the Euro socket to an Australian flat or round trailer plug.

The Narva adaptors are made from tough ABS material and have nickel-plated brass terminals for superior conductivity.

The adaptors have a double connection system, using a twist and lock action, in concert with a flat disc receiver on the adaptor that accepts the vehicle’s socket dust cap.

A further benefit of the adaptors is an internal diode that prevents unwanted warning buzzers or alarms from sounding


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