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We've bought an OzHitch coupling for hauling Jol Fleming's camper.

This low-profile hitch has been designed with maximum articulation and ample clearance when used with towing vehicle tailgates or barn doors. It also offers self-aligning coupling and uncoupling.

ozhitchWe opted for the OzHitch because, at 98mm high, it fits easily under a tailgate or tow-vehicle barn doors that foul most other couplings. Also, OzHitch has a conversion kit that allows it to mate to a Tregg-style trailer coupling, once the pin and poly block are removed.

OzHitch's cast-steel construction promises good durability.

The standard OzHitch design employs a six-bolt drawbar hitch that can be either an override-brake type with sliding shaft, or a fixed-shaft electric brake type.

The handbrake assembly comes with a ratchet and is remotely mounted behind the hitch, keeping it away from tow vehicle doors and tailgates.

The pivotting section is a universal cross design and the vehicle-side horizontal tube lcoks to the vehicle-side receiver via a cross pin. The horizontal tube is self-aligning, thanks to a vee-shaped receiver. This receiver bolts to any towing tongue va the towball hole.ozhitch

Our early impressions are favourable. Connecting is very easy, especially with a reversing camera to help align the two OzHitch parts. Unlike pin-style couplings it isn't necessary to be spot-on, because the horizontal tube section slides down the receiver vee-sides into place.

We like the way that the pin rotates to lock in place, as well as having a spring clip to ensure it can't slide out. However, we've found that the pin needs a tap with a small hammer to help its initial movement.

Our bush testing began in May 2016.

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