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A multi-mode security system for trailers and caravans.

Caravan theft is on the rise in Australia, so a reliable security device is essential to protect your pride and joy against theft. Purple Line's new hitch lock works in three ways.

A lockable hitch is essential these days, but so is the security of the safety chains, Purple Line said If the safety chains are not also secured, then these can be used to tow the caravan away, even if the hitch is fitted a locking device.

The Saracen Ultra hitch lock can be used to secure a caravan or trailer in three ways: securing the hitch to the tow vehicle when the caravan or trailer is hitched up to the towing vehicle; securing the hitch when the caravan or trailer is unhitched from towing vehicle and, thirdly, securing the safety chains through the lock body when the caravan or trailer is unhitched from the towing vehicle.

This extra feature of break-away chain security is a much-needed feature, the company claimed.



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